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Hot Hoagies

Try one and you’ll be raving like all our Hoagie fanatics! Built on white, grain or ciabatta. Standard dress comes on most of our Hot Hoagies (unless noted otherwise): Our Hot Hoagies are topped with mozzarella and garlic butter, then broiled. Once out of the oven, we add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and our own secret dressing.

Shareables & Sides

Choose your favorite Shareables & Sides to complement and complete your meal. They’re so good on their own, you can even order them as your meal!

Kid's Meals

You have a choice of two Kid’s Meals – Penne Pasta or Solo Cheese Pizza. A basic Kid’s Meal Milk or Kiddy Kup. Add a Dessert for $1 more. All are offered at a low price and all can be customized to the customer’s own preferences.


We proudly serve Coca-Cola® products with our have self-serve our Coca-Cola Freestyle® machines, cans, and some shops now carrying 20 oz & 2-Liters. We also have Iced Tea, Bottled Water, Milk (Skim or Chocolate), and Beer & Wine options (where available.)


Bundle your Chips with a Fountain Pop. No coupon required. In fact, you don’t even have to ask – the discount is automatic.

Vegetarian Options

If you are accessing this page, you undoubtedly know that there are many different approaches and disciplines with people who consider themselves vegetarians. Among these are:

Total Vegetarians – who eat plant food only (no animal products to include dairy, eggs, fish and honey, etc.). Vegans also fit into this group, though their non-animal prohibitions extend to all areas of their life to include clothing. Others include Lacto (dairy is OK), Lacto-ovo (dairy and eggs), Pesco (fish) and Pollo (poultry). If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, you know which of these you are.

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