Q: Do you have a small pizza?

A: We offer a Solo pizza which feeds one.

Q: What kind of bread do you have?

A: Our famous Hot Hoagies come on your choice of White, Grain, or Ciabatta bun. Ciabatta is artisan bread with a hard outer crust and a soft chewy inside.

Q: Does your food contain allergens?

A: Check our Allergies page for specific information relating to food allergens or submit your questions using our contact form.

Q: Do you have Kid’s Meals?

A: We offer two different Kid’s Meals, a pizza one and a pasta one. See our Menu for details.

Q: Do you have (insert any new menu item being tested elsewhere)?

A: Not yet. But we’re working on it. We have a very successful process for introducing any new menu item. First, the item must be shop-tested before a select group of frequent customers. If it passes that hurdle, it is introduced as a test product at one or more shops. Finally, if sales are significant and continue to build over time, that item will be rolled out at all shops.

Q: Why do you sometimes discontinue menu items?

A: In order to justify its place on our menu, an item has to generate sufficient sales over time at all shops. Sometimes, this sales level is not sustainable. When that happens, we decide to drop the item.

Q: I heard you have some products available at the grocery store. Which stores carry your items?

A: We have 4 kinds of frozen thin crust pizzas, 3 varieties of shredded cheeses, pizza and pasta sauce, and lasagna available at many grocery stores in the region. You can typically find our retail items in major local grocery stores – and if they don’t carry our products let your grocery store manager know! We also carry the frozen pizzas, frozen lasagna, and pizza and pasta sauces at several of our shops – currently available at Cleveland & Grand, Bloomington, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Edina, Eagan, Minnetonka, Plymouth, and Rogers!



Q: Does the delivery charge go to the driver?

A: The delivery charge is meant to help offset the additional costs to deliver food. The delivery charge does not include a tip to the driver.

Q: Do you deliver to me?

A: We hope so. Visit our Locations page, find the location nearest to you and click on “delivery map” and you can see the boundaries of our delivery area.

Q: Why don’t you deliver to me?

A: While we would love to deliver to everyone, we must limit our delivery area in order to ensure the best quality possible. We don’t have enough locations to cover everyone yet.

Q: How much is your delivery charge?

A: Currently, our normal charge is $3.50. If we are able, we may also deliver outside of the prescribed area if you have a larger order (minimums vary by shop) and if delivering it won’t negatively affect in-area deliveries. For deliveries out of the area, we charge a double delivery charge ($7.00). Delivery minimums may vary.


Q: Do you have specials or coupons?

A: We have some rotating specials when you order online at davannis.com/online-ordering.We offer occasional coupons but prefer to just charge a fair price for our menu items and avoid the hassles associated with coupon clipping, expiration dates, etc. You can sign-up as a Davanni’s Rewards or join us on our social sites Facebook, X(Twitter) & Instagram for offers, news, and more!


Q: Where do you get such happy employees?

A: We’re very picky when selecting people to join our team. We “hire for attitude and train for skill”. We encourage and support the fun generated when we work hard to make customers happy. What’s the “secret” of a “happy employee?” It’s easy – the person wants to work here. All our employees understand the expectation to “Care, Work Hard, and Have Fun.”

Q: Are you hiring?

A: We are always looking for great co-workers. We expect everyone to Care, Work Hard, and Have Fun. If that work environment appeals to you and describes your outlook, stop in and see us or apply online!

Q: How old do you have to be to work at Davanni’s?

A: You have to be at least 14 to work at Davanni’s. There are limitations on the number of hours, times of day and the jobs you can perform (state and federal laws dictate these limitations). Contact the shop near you for details.


Q: How late are you open?

A: Our hours vary by shop. Check out our individual location’s hours on our Locations page.

Q: Why don’t you have a Davanni’s near me?

A: While we would love to have a Davanni’s shop on every corner, we are a privately-owned company with limited resources. We’re very proud of the 20 shops we operate so far. Let us know where you live and perhaps we can build one nearer to you in the future.

Q: Do you charge for the party room?

A: No, there is never an extra charge for using our party/meeting rooms. We do ask that each person purchases at least $7 in food and beverage. The rooms are meant to host groups of customers having a meeting or group gathering/celebration. We do not reserve the rooms for sales presentations or other for-profit ventures.

Q: Will you sponsor my team/organization?

A: We sponsor more than 60 teams and organizations yearly! Most of these are local/neighborhood youth teams and local school groups. Our preference is to support youth teams and groups that support us in return. Send a request through our contact us page with more information about your group.

Q: How do you handle donations?

A: Ask. If you want to request a donation for a local, community, neighborhood event, you should stop into the Davanni’s that you and members of your group frequent and personally speak with the shop manager you are familiar with. We do maintain a larger charity partner at the corporate level – Helping Paws.