We Put the “GIFT” in Gift Cards

A DAVANNI’S Gift Card is the perfect gift for anybody and everybody — Friends, family, teachers, students, babysitters, coworkers, clergy, mailmen, and students – really anyone who appreciates Great Taste.

A DAVANNI’S Gift Card is the gift which everyone wants and needs. They are never returned or regifted. They never expire or diminish in value. They never go out of style and can be used at any time at any of our 21 locations. And they’re reloadable.

A DAVANNI’S Gift Card is the Perfect Gift for that someone who thinks he has everything. And that means you! Why fool around with cash or credit cards when you can just walk up to the counter and plop down a DAVANNI’S Gift Card for payment?

Please visit any location, call 952-927-2300, or fill out the form to order.