Hot Hoagies Menu

Try one and you’ll be raving like all our Hoagie fanatics! Built on a white, grain, or ciabatta bun. Standard dress comes on most of our Hot Hoagies (unless noted otherwise): Our Hot Hoagies are topped with mozzarella and garlic butter, then broiled. Once out of the oven, we add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and our own secret dressing.
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This is our best-selling Hot Hoagie for years!

Works Pizza

Made with an assortment of three meats – Ham, Smoked Ham, & Salami.

Five Meat Pizza

Includes three meats – Turkey, Canadian Bacon, & Pepperoni.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

You may know this as our TBC Hot Hoagie – a fan favorite!

Chicken Florentine Pizza

Best quality – top round and oven-roasted.

Veggie Pizza

Oven-roasted, seasoned, sliced, and all-white breast meat.

Chicken Roma Pizza

Another classic Hot Hoagie! Made with 96% fat-free smoked ham.

hawaiian pizza

Meatballs with red sauce and mozzarella.

Pizza by the Slice

Made with chicken, honey mustard dressing, & bacon.

hawaiian pizza

Only the Choicest Cut: Hand trimmed, eye of round Pastrami.

Chicken Roma Pizza

A classic since our start. Made with the best Tuna!

hawaiian pizza

Craving a Pizza and a Hoagie? Try a Pizza Hoagie!

Pizza by the Slice

Green & black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and pizza sauce.

Chicken Roma Pizza

Naturally smoked and dry-aged. Pro tip: add banana peppers for an extra kick.