Local & Family-Owned

DAVANNI’S opened on October 1, 1975, right on the corner of Cleveland & Grand in St. Paul. Our Pizzas and Hot Hoagies – and all our menu items – are made with as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible. Our employees are still your friends and neighbors. Forty years later our dedication to quality, our work ethic, and our values haven’t changed. Which is why we’re Local & Legendary.®


As you know, we’re “Local & Legendary!”® This is our community, just like it is yours. Because we’re all friends, family and neighbors, every one of us is working together for the benefit of all. Community involvement is in our DNA. Giving back to the community, sharing our success with you, is as important to us as pounding the perfect pizza and dressing your delicious Hot Hoagie. We give as much as we can as often as we can to as many as we can any way that we can. Here are just a few of the ways, “DAVANNI’S DOES GOOD”:

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