Allergies Information

To try to accommodate our friends with food allergies or sensitivities, we are providing menu ordering options that should allow you to dine at DAVANNI’S.

No allergen or nutritional information on our website should ever be considered a guarantee, but simply a best faith effort to serve our customers.

We have no items containing peanuts or shellfish in our restaurants. All of the other “big 8” and gluten are present in the facility in one form or another. We ask that when placing your order you alert the manager on duty to your food allergy or sensitivity. We will then try our best to avoid any accidental cross-contact, but again we can offer no guarantees and accept no liability. The more information relating to your specific needs you can provide, the better we can attempt to protect you.

The range of tolerance or reactions to the presence of food allergens varies greatly from person to person. Decisions on the amount of precautions you should take or risks you may expose yourself to, are always best made by you in consultation with your physician.

Download our Allergen Brochure.

Please see our Allergen Disclaimer for more details.