Need to raise a few extra bucks for your team or your organization? At DAVANNI’S, we’d love to give you a helping hand. We have some “tried and proven” ways of helping your organization raise some needed funds.

Download a Printable Fundraiser Info Flier
1. In-Shop Fundraiser: The sponsoring organization invites friends and members to the designated shop during the designated time, and 20% of the sales your group brings in is donated to the organization. Stop in or call your nearest store manager for more details. Here’s how it works:

  • Talk to a shop manager to set up a date and time.
  • You’ll get a template to print up tickets. Give out those tickets to everyone — friends, family, neighbors, etc.
  • On the designated evening at the designated time, participants hand in their tickets when ordering.
  • With a few days, we will write you a check for 20% of all “ticket” sales before tax.

Davanni's Frozen Pizza - Sausage and Pepperoni


2. DAVANNI’S Frozen Pizza Fundraiser: Our Frozen Pizzas are some of the best frozen pizzas around town. And better yet, you can now raise funds for your group by selling them to your friends and family! Your group earns $3 from each DAVANNI’S Frozen Pizza sold. There are two tiers of pizzas you can sell (and there’s no money down, just pay upon delivery of the pizzas):

  • $10 – Sausage, Pepperoni, Cheese
  • $11 – Four Meat, Sausage & Pepperoni Combo, Buffalo Chicken, Garlic Chicken, or Supreme

Interested? Contact Bill Gabler with Synergize Fundraising at 612-916-9000.

All of DAVANNI’S Fundraisers are so easy and profitable, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done one before!