Need to raise a few extra bucks for your team or your organization? At DAVANNI’S, we’d love to give you a helping hand. We have some tried and proven ways of helping your organization raise some needed funds.

Download a Printable Fundraiser Brochure
In-Shop Fundraiser: The sponsoring organization invites friends and members to the designated shop during the designated time, and 20% of the sales your group brings in is donated to the organization. Stop in or call your nearest store manager for more details. Here’s how it works:

  • Talk to a shop manager to set up a date and time.
  • You’ll get a template to print up tickets. Give out those tickets to everyone — friends, family, neighbors, etc.
  • On the designated evening at the designated time, participants hand in their tickets when ordering.
  • With a few days, we will write you a check for 20% of all “ticket” sales before tax.


All of DAVANNI’S Fundraisers are so easy and profitable, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done one before!