draft-party-regtImagine the scene. You and fellow owners holding your Fantasy Football Draft Party in one of DAVANNI’S Party Rooms. It’s time for your next selection. You call out, “Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings, Tight End.” And then, as everyone fills in that roster spot, you turn around and Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings, Tight End, HIMSELF, says to you, “Great pick!” HEY, IT COULD HAPPEN! Kyle will be appearing IN PERSON at one league’s Fantasy Football Draft Party being held at one of our shops. It could be yours! All you have to do is call your local DAVANNI’S and reserve your party room. When you reserve the room, be sure to mention that it’s for your “Draft Party.” Reserve your room now. Today. Even if you risk Kyle walking into the room just as you’re announcing, “Rob Gronkowski…”

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