For the next several weeks, we’re highlighting our Non-Meat Menu Items. We offer a cornucopia of absolutely mouthwatering delicious items, which are scrumptious any day of the week. Create your own Custom Calzone, stuffed with Veggies and Cheeses. Try a Veggie Pizza or Craft Your Own Pie, piled high with Veggies and Cheeses. There are two”Meatless Hoagies,” the Veggie and Cheese. (And if you are still eating fish – our Tuna Hoagie is very popular!) We personally very highly recommend the Pasta. Choose from any of three sauces — Red, Alfredo or Rosa Sauce– and then load on any (or all) of 12 veggie toppings. Any of our Entrée or Side Salads can be order without meat. All customers — carnivore or herbivore — have been enjoying Garlic Cheese Bread and Breadsticks for decades. Which leads to our three mouthwatering desserts — Cookies, Fabulous Brownies, and Rice Crispy Treats. For balance, be sure to try a variety or our Meatless items. Try one, try many, try them all. You’ll immediately discover the “Meat Less” is “Variety More.”

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