The one thing all the different weight loss plans and programs agree on is the importance of “Smart Eating.” They all preach, “It’s not the calories,” “It’s not the fat grams,” “It’s not eating one group of food items to the exclusion of others.” It’s, “Eat Smart. (It’s) Not Hard.” And that is exactly what “Smart Eating” at DAVANNI’S is all about. Think “Big Picture” by checking out our “20 Tips for Smart Eating.” Just click here and you’ll discover a variety of helpful tidbits, which will make you feel as good as you look. Looking for more specific info on “Your DAVANNI’S Favorite?” Just check out our Nutrition Calculator, to see exactly how you can customized virtually any food item on our menu in your quest to “Smart Eating.” BTW, we speak from experience! Many DAVANNI’S Staff Members actively practice what we preach.

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