Davanni’s is Local

Some things our customers are surprised by is that we’re local to Minnesota and family-owned, not a nation-wide chain or franchise. We have 21 Twin Cities Davanni’s locations, Coffee Bené (next door to our Cleveland & Grand Davanni’s), and operate our very own bakery in St. Paul named Oven Hearth. We care about the companies we do business with and try to stay local whenever possible. Some relationships date back to day one. We receive our produce from Jerry’s Produce in St. Paul, MN. Our 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese comes from Burnett Dairy in Grantsburg, WI. And so many more… We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built and don’t skimp on quality just because we can find a cheaper product. We care about giving our customers the best products and service available – that’s what makes Davanni’s so good.

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2 responses to “Davanni’s is Local”

  1. Jessica D Mullenix says:

    Cedar Rapids Iowa seriously needs a location. While I know you are local to the cities and I visit the cities quite often….it’s still a 300 mile drive…but darn it, its worth it!

  2. We wish we could be everywhere! Maybe someday! We appreciate you’re loyalty and that you still come visit us, thank you!

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