You spoke, and we listened – Pastrami Hot Hoagie is back at Davanni’s! We found a product we’re happy to serve our Pastrami fans! We had so many supply chain issues and concerns about the quality of the substitute product that we felt we had no other choice.  As supply chain issues become somewhat relaxed, we are looking at bringing your favorite hoagie back to our lineup.

We first start out with freshly baked bread from our very own local bakery, Oven Hearth in St. Paul, Minnesota. We top it with garlic butter and mozzarella cheese, then broil it until it’s nice and toasty. Then we dress the Pastrami Hot Hoagie with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, onions, and our own secret dressing. It’s delicious! Make it a meal by adding a chip and pop combo.

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