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Calling all couples! Did you meet at DAVANNI'S? Was DAVANNI'S one of the "special places" during your courtship? Do you celebrate anniversaries at DAVANNI'S? Or is DAVANNI'S just a great place for a date night? If you answered, "Yes!" to any of the above questions, we'd LOVE to hear from you! We're looking for couples to help us celebrate Valentine's Day together! Please respond to thuberty@davannis.com and tell us who you are and why DAVANNI'S is special. Don't scrimp on details! The more mush, the better! Also, please include your name and easiest way to reach you (email/phone number) because we may need to follow up with you! Please respond with your stories by January 31, 2015!


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Don't forget about our family of grocery store products: Our fantastic DAVANNI'S Frozen Pizza, our mouth-watering Frozen Lasagna, three varieties of Cheeses and even Pasta and Pizza Sauces. Our family hangs out only at these classy locations! TIP: Remember to stock up, because we're only offering fantastic rebates for the next few months! Among other kickbacks, there's the ongoing $2 kickback on each DAVANNI'S Frozen Pizza and Frozen Lasagna purchased. Click here for more rebate info. Finally, for our DAVANNI'S Frozen Pizza, you can try before you buy! We do demos almost every Saturday, check out our Facebook or Twitter sites for more info.



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Hey, Jr. Artists, have you submitted your design for our next Kiddy Kup? Entries forms, available at every shop, must be turned in by Friday, January 23. Voters will then pick among four finalists for the design which will be on our 2015 Kiddy Kup.


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IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO ALREADY, check out our two new TV commercials!

Commercial #1
Commercial #2

Watch them and tell us what the three taglines are in our new logo. Email your taglines to thuberty@davannis.com for a free one-item solo pizza. You have until Friday, January 16! (Sorry, if you've already submitted your answers, you can't submit again! Only one entry per person, per household.)


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Did you open the "Dollars & Sense" magazine you received over the past few days? Check it out! On page 3, there are two extremely valuable coupons for DAVANNI'S --- which are good for the next six months!


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How about we reward you with a postcard of coupons in exchange for writing a short testimony about your favorite restaurant? (That assumes, of course, that your "favorite restaurant" is DAVANNI'S!) As 2015 begins, we're already getting started on celebrating our 40th Anniversary. Our PR agency has asked us to start putting together testimonies. So, tell us why you love us and we'll send you that postcard of coupons! What a WIN WIN! WIN now with your food discounts. WIN later when we may tap into you as one of our 40th Anniversary Spokespeople. As always, write lots. Details! Details! Details! Just click here and type away with DAVANNI'S as your muse! Please respond with your stories by January 31, 2015! (Only one entry per person, per household.)



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