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This coming Sunday, September 21, from Noon - 4 PM, DAVANNI'S is a proud Silver Level Sponsor of the 2014 Open Streets at Penn Fest. Better known simply as Penn Fest, "Richfield's Biggest Block Party" is organized by Penn Central of Richfield. Penn Avenue will be closed between Highway 62 and 70th Street. Everyone - Richfield resident or not - is invited for walking, biking, dancing, music and, most importantly, EATING - at DAVANNI'S, of course.

Actually, the heart of the Penn Fest celebration will be at our Richfield shop, located at 64th and Penn, right next to the Fire Station and right under the water tower. We'll be selling Pepperoni and Extra Cheese Pizza Slices for only $2.00 and cans of pop and bottles of water for just $1.00. Our Pizza Slice will be on hand to pose for a picture, which people can send to DavannisPics@gmail.com with their name and mailing address and receive a FREE Solo 1-item Pizza. We may even post your pic on our social sites! Visitors can also spin our "Wheel of Prizes" and win coupons and other priceless DAVANNI'S Swag! So stop by our Richfield Shop this Sunday, September 21, between Noon and 4 and have a bite, snap a pic, and spin for a prize!



For the longest time we've recognized that we need to "get the word" out about DAVANNI'S. For example, we've got a 40th Anniversary to celebrate next year, we've got new owners and our "local roots" are deeper than anybody's. We just need help "tooting our horn." So, we're looking to work with a freelance public relations person. Not a "team" from an agency, but a "right brain" Super Star. We're looking for someone just like our Lovely Linda, our Star Extraordinaire Graphic Designer and Photographer. Linda thoroughly understands our DNA and even puts up with the occasional marketing meltdown. Are you this person? Do you know this person? If so, please have him or her get in touch with us. Send those resumes to thuberty@davannis.com -- ASAP!


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Sales of craft beer have been fermenting nicely at our Edina shop. So, wanting a taste of that sudsy success, our Downtown Shop at 12th & Hennepin has also begun selling craft beer. Right now, they're offering Fulton's Sweet Child of Vine and Lonely Blonde, but the inventory rotates frequently. If you feel craft beer is too uppity for you, try a Tall Boy of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Now THAT'S a beer that brings back memories -- if I could remember anything from those days of drinking PBR! (FYI, DAVANNI'S Downtown has quite a wide variety of other beers like Michelob Golden Light and Budweiser.)


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We're going to be testing a couple of vegetarian items to see if they're worthy of our regular menu. And we need your help! BUT in order to qualify, you must buy or eat vegetarian items, "Often or Sometimes." In other words, hard core carnivores are not needed!

If you want to be a DAVANNI'S Taste Tester for the Southwest Spinach Hoagy, stop in at our Roseville shop (1905 West Perimeter) next Thursday, September 25 between 11-1 OR our Bloomington shop (86th & Lyndale) on Friday, September 26, between 5-7.

If you want to try the Gourmet White Veggie Pizza, show up at our Uptown shop (Hennepin & Lake) on Tuesday, September 30 12-2 OR our Downtown shop on Wednesday, October 1, between 5-7.

We'll get you a hearty portion to sample and after filling out a short survey, you'll even get a FREE Dessert and a sheet of coupons. So, Herbivores, lock us in your schedules now!



When we sent out a mini Insider Blast early last week (promoting our sponsorship in the Cowles Groundbreaker Battle), we overwrote the existing coupon that had gone out with the Blast before that (a "Blast from the Past?"). We heard from MANY of you that you were unable to access and show that coupon from your mobile device. So, we're bringing back the "Save 10% with a $10 Purchase." Just remember to either print it or save it to your mobile device right away so you can show us with your order.

One more reminder, dear Insider, at least two coupons are posted weekly on our Facebook and Twitter pages. But if you're still "hooked on coupons," simply email me at thuberty@davannis.com and I'll feed your habit. (Please include your snail mailing address so that I can send you a postcard of coupons.)



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