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A lot of people cutback on meat the during Lent. We can help with that. Have you ever had one of our legendary Veggie Pizzas? Or one of our three "Non Meat" Hoagies -- the Tuna, the Cheese or the Veggie? NONE of our three desserts contain a morsel of meat. Actually, almost anything on our menu can be made without meat, including a Cheese Calzone, Plain Pasta, Entrée and Side Salads.

To help meet your intent to cutback on meat, we're offering one dollar off any non-meat item on our menu when you spend at least $5. Just print out the coupon below and let us know about the discount when ordering. Only one coupon per person, per order, per day. Since Lent lasts only 40 days, this offers expires on Saturday, April 4.


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Come to think of it, our Breadsticks contain no meat. Thinking of Breadsticks, we're doing a very quick, less than four minute survey on Breadsticks. If you've purchased DAVANNI'S Breadsticks within the past 12 months and want to share your opinions, CLICK HERE. But only if you're a Breadstick purchaser!


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Less than one week remains in our Wild-Coke Freestyle Promotion! Tell us your Minnesota Wild/Coca-Cola Freestyle® Mix and you could win 4 Wild tickets and participate in an intermission contest. Or, you could win tons of other valuable stuff! Check out WILD.COM/COKE for details. Contest closes Saturday, February 28!

And while you're Wildly whiling your Minnesota Wild/Coca-Cola Freestyle® Mix, consider that you can now "Create Your Own Mix." Download the Coca-Cola Freestyle® app and then program (and name!) your own, personalized Freestyle® combo. Think of the time you'll save at the Freestyle machine!


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Our Trivia has taken on a life of its own. Answering Insider Trivia questions has actually become more popular than redeeming Insider coupons! The Trivia question from the last Blast had over 200 responses: Which two DAVANNI'S locations are closest to each other? The two RESTAURANTS which are closest to each other are our Uptown and Downtown shops -- 2.2 miles apart. A few of you were even smarter than me, however, as you pointed out that our Plymouth restaurant and corporate office (two "locations") are closest. These two "locations" are 2.1 miles apart. So, that answer was also correct. Solo Pizza coupons will be sent out this week to the winners.

This Blast's Trivia: Rank from highest (#1) to lowest (#5) in order of total 2014 sales across all shops these five items: Desserts, Bags of Chips, Gluten Free Pizzas, Total Breadsticks, and Side Salads. Submit your guess AND MAILING ADDRESS to thuberty@davannis.com by 11:59 PM, Friday, March 6. Winners will receive a coupon for a FREE 1-Item Solo Pizza! One entry per Insider and per household, please!

And hey, we need Trivia Questions! Submit a question or two and, if we use it, you'll receive fame and a $10 DAVANNI'S Gift Card.



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