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As you know, DAVANNI'S is one of the Minnesota Wild's staunchest sponsors! You also probably know that you can purchase DAVANNI'S Pizza and other DAVANNI'S products at five different food stands throughout the "X." One way of demonstrating our Wild support is airing three commercials per game during each and every Wild radio broadcast. This year for the first half of the season, we're featuring The Goff's, dad Lyle and son Brandon, "Your Unofficial Spokesguys for DAVANNI'S."

Optional Assignment #1: CLICK THIS LINK and listen to each of our six newest Wild radio spots. To receive your reward, you must quote a line from each of the six commercials; you cannot just give the title of the ad back to us. Email your entry to thuberty@davannis.com. Each person who completes this assignment (listing a line from each of the six radio commercials), will receive a FREE 1-Item Solo Pizza! Note: Deadline for assignments is Sunday, November 9.

BTW, if you'd like to lend your Wild voice to future radio spots, please email your aspirations to thuberty@davannis.com. We'll be recording new radio commercials after January 1.


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Election Day is just around the corner -- but we need your vote TODAY! Instead of an "absentee ballot" where you vote ahead of time, our enhanced timeline makes this a "PRESENT-ee Ballot." Vote today! If you have any preferences about our (1) Online Ordering, (2) Hoagy prep, (3) Pasta prep or (4) Increasing your visits, CLICK HERE AND PLEASE VOTE NOW!

You're not supposed to get anything for voting in a political election (we hope that's true), but we're handsomely rewarding you for casting your ballot. You'll receive a postcard worth $5 off on a future food purchase! But this isn't Chicago where you, "Vote early, vote often." Nope, one ballot per respondent, per household! Ironically, polls officially close on Election Day, Tuesday, November 4 at 8:00 PM. And, as they say at the end of the TV commercials, "The DAVANNI'S Marketing Guy is solely responsible for the contents of this survey and has not endorsed by any political candidate."


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Last Blast, we touted usage of our Party & Meeting Rooms. In fact, we asked you to guesstimate the TOTAL number of times our party and meeting rooms had been booked over the past 12 months at our 20 shops which had party and meeting rooms. HERE'S THAT NUMBER: 5,679 BOOKINGS! WOW! Most of your guesses were thousands under that 5,679!

Congratulations to the six people whose guesses were within 10%. They each receive a coupon for a FREE 1-Item Solo Pizza. Biggest Congrats to Therese K. of Bloomington. Therese receives our Grand Prize of a $25 DAVANNI'S Gift Card because her guess of 5,432 was closest to the actual 5,679 bookings!

Now, a TOTALLY EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT for you! Think YOU deserve a FREE party (or meeting) in any of our party (or meeting) rooms? OK, tell us why. Be creative! Be imaginative! Beg, but don't whine! Submit your petitions to thuberty@davannis.com. Our entire staff will read each entry and we'll award FIVE FREE parties among all entries received. Hurry: Deadline is Sunday, November 9.


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Well, we've really asked you to do a lot of work throughout this Blast -- listen, vote and write. So, now it's our turn to put out. It's time for your "Just Dessert." Printing or showing on your mobile device the coupon below will get you a FREE DESSERT WITH PURCHASE.

Obviously, this reward cannot be used with any other offer, but can be used at least one, each and every day through Sunday, November 9. So, stop in and feast! You've earned it. And -- thanks for all your help!



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