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Yep, you read right! The site has been selected, the lease has been signed and the blueprints are being tweaked. Next Spring we will be opening our 22nd restaurant in CHANHASSEN! The much awaited, highly anticipated, carefully planned, newest addition to the southwest metro will be located on the south side of Highway 5 next to Community Bank and just west of Culvers.

You probably already know the person who's heading up our Chan Team -- It's Laura, the current General Manager at our Eden Prairie restaurant. We'll keep you updated in future Insider Blasts! For much more frequent updates, check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for progress reports, pictures -- and contests!


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At the end of Act One in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, Cleopatra refers to, "My salad days, when I was green in judgment." Who could have imagined that the young queen was prophetically referring to the variety of salads at DAVANNI'S? Little Known Fact: Shakespeare often referenced his love for salads in his plays. For example, in Julius Caesar, he wrote (before the editors butchered it), "Not that I loved Caesar (Salad) less, but that I loved (Garden Salad) more."

All seven of our Salads are made to order and are available as Entrée or Side Salads. All DAVANNI'S Salads are available as Small Group or Large Group Salads -- in case you're feeding an army. Oftentimes, people only aliterally associate Salads with Summer. But DAVANNI'S salads are good all year round. They're fresh. They taste fantastic! And they're good for you! After all, every day is a good day to "Seize your" Salad!


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The Focus Group Tour continues. This past Monday, yours truly was moderating a group and one of the participants remarked, "When I was growing up, we had all our baseball team parties at DAVANNI'S." That got me to thinking about the number of parties and meetings that were booked in our party rooms during the past year. So, I sent out an email to each our 20 shops which have party and meeting rooms (our Uptown shop does NOT have a party room) and asked them. When I added up the answers, I was shocked. I mean, this is a real number, not a marketing number!

Dear Insider, What's Your Guess? How many total parties and meetings were booked at our 20 restaurants with party and meeting rooms in the past 12 months? Please send in your estimate with your name and mailing address to thuberty@davannis.com. If you're within 10% (it's a BIG number!), I'll send you a coupon for a FREE 1-Item Solo Pizza. Plus, I'll send a $25 DAVANNI'S Gift Card to the one person who is closest! RULES: One entry per Insider, per household. Contest closes at midnight on Sunday, October 26.


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If it ain't broke, don't fix it! It's still October (DUH!) and that means that it's still National Pizza Month. As you probably know, in celebration of National Pizza Month, we're offering discounts on pizzas through Halloween. Just print out or show on your mobile device the coupon below and your savings can be used on a Solo, Medium, or Large Pizza.

The Usual Disclaimers: One coupon per person, per order, per day. Can't use this coupon with other coupons or discounts and it expires Friday, October 31. NOTE: This is a popular coupon; it gets lots of redemptions. But, you're right, I've used it before. I promise that the coupon offering in the next Blast will be more "creative."



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