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A few weeks ago several Staff members and new Managers motored to Grantsburg, Wisconsin to visit Burnett Dairy. While visiting, we found out from Dan and Earl, Champion Cheese Makers, that the Burnett Dairy has won more WORLD cheese making awards than all the creative awards won by all Minneapolis ad agencies combined. In fact just a few weeks ago, they hauled home another cartload of medals from the 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest. Burnett Dairy has been our cheese supplier since the beginning. And though they're technically in Wisconsin, we consider them LOCAL. In fact, they're so close to Minnesota that their cows have purple horns. Our cheese -- your cheese -- is local. Like everything else at DAVANNI'S. Local is our DNA.


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Most of you probably know that we make our Hoagy Buns and Thin and Deep Dish Pizza Crusts and Cookies and Fabulous Brownies at our very own Oven Hearth Bakery on West Seventh Street in Saint Paul -- just a stone's throw from Summit Brewery. We make our own stuff; we don't ship in frozen globs of dough from out of state. At Oven Hearth Bakery, the products are as close to homemade as you can possibly get. The workers are incredibly dedicated! Our baked goods -- your baked goods -- are local. Like everything else at DAVANNI'S. It's in DNA.


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Hard to believe, but every single person on our Corporate Staff was born and raised in the Twin Cities. And they all also went to school in the Twin Cities. (Well, there is that high faluntin' marketing guy who did go to grad school out of state, but he came home too.) Practically every single General Manager and Manager is also Minnesota born, raised and educated. Obviously, if you're born, raised and educated in the Twin Cities, you ARE Twin Cities. Minnesota values. Our staff, our managers, and our employees are all local. Like everything else at DAVANNI'S. It's our DNA.


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For those of you not yet choked up from reading the preceding paragraphs and still looking to save a buck or two, we're going back to our PIZZA TRIPLE PLAY option. Yep, the local clamor was such that for the next month, you can save $3 on a Large Pizza, $2 on a Medium Pizza, or $1 on a Solo Pizza. How hungry are you? How many people do you have to feed? You decide. Just print out or show the coupon via your mobile device and SAVE SAVE SAVE. Disclaimers (of course): CAN only use one per person, per order, per day. Can't use with any other discount or offers. CAN only use through Sunday, September 14.



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