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Our DAVANNI'S Frozen Pizza Sale continues -- but only at very select grocers. Check out this list. Also, our DAVANNI'S Frozen Pizza Taste Demos continue. Check out this list:

  • Saturday, March 28 | Cub Foods Bloomington (10520 France Ave S, Bloomington)
  • Saturday, March 28 | Cub Foods Coon Rapids (12900 Riverdale Dr NW, Coon Rapids)
  • Saturday, March 28 | Cub Foods Roseville (1201 Larpenteur Ave W, Roseville)
  • Sunday, March 29 | Cub Foods Oakdale (7053 10th St N, Oakdale)
  • Saturday, April 4 | Bob's Produce Ranch (7620 University Ave NE, Fridley)


And if you think our DAVANNI'S Frozen Pizza is great, these other DAVANNI'S grocery store products may be even better! Check out and stock up on our Frozen Lasagna, Pasta and Pizza Sauces, and our three shredded cheeses. If your grocer doesn't carry ALL DAVANNI'S retail products, consider shopping someplace else!


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Once again, it's time for you to share your feelings, your habits, your preferences and your frustrations with us. Sounds exciting, eh? So, please click this link and complete our short (less than 10 minutes) Advertising Awareness Study. It's just one more opportunity for you to tell us how to make your wishes come true. An added bonus? Complete the survey and we'll send you a postcard good for a $5 discount on your next food purchase. Hurry, survey closes Sunday, April 5 at 11:59 PM.


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In the last Blast, we asked a two part trivia question. Insiders were asked to rank DAVANNI'S Pizza Crust sales in 2014 AND AND AND to send in their entry with their mailing address. Well, LOTS of you correctly ranked the 2014 Pizza Crust Sales -- (1) Traditional, (2) Thin, (3) Deep Dish and (4) Gluten-Free. But, unfortunately, many of you forgot the second requirement, sending in your mailing address address. (Gotta read those instructions, People!)

Well, let's try a completely different type of Trivia Question! Using the handy dandy DAVANNI'S Nutritional Calculator, how many calories are there in Your Favorite DAVANNI'S Half Hoagy, Grain Bun, if you eliminate the Mayo and Oil? When you submit your answer to thuberty@davannis.com, you MUST INCLUDE include:
(1) The name of Your Favorite DAVANNI'S Half Hoagy on a Grain Bun.
(2) Total calories WITHOUT Mayo and Oil.
(3) Your mailing address.
Here's another different twist! Only the first 50 correct entries will receive a FREE Whole Hoagy! Entries close when we receive the 50th correct entry or on Sunday, March 29 at 11:59 PM. As always, one entry per Insider and per household, please!



In the last Blast, we wrote that we had just finished analyzing the coupons and discounts we offered to Insiders in 2014. And what do you think was the most popular coupon offered to Insiders in 2014? Did you guess a "FREE Dessert with Purchase?" Well, you're right! As your reward, please print out or show on your mobile device the coupon below. As always, this deal is not good with any other offers. It expires on Sunday, April 5. And remember, additional coupons are ALWAYS available on our social media sites!



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