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It's that time of year again! Yep, we're reprising our Summer Food Drive, held in partnership with the Emergency Foodshelf Network. It's coming up -- this Monday, July 21 and Tuesday, July 22.

Here's the Scoop: On EITHER and/or BOTH of the aforementioned days, Monday, July 21 and/or Tuesday, July 22 YOU bring in THREE (3) healthy, nonperishable food items and WE give you a FREE 1-Item Solo Pizza (thin or traditional crust). Don't want pizza? (GASP! WHAT?) Well, no problemo! You can also apply the $5.34 discount to any other menu item. THE Deal is only good on eat-in or take-out (sorry, not delivery).

We'd love you to bring in more than just the required 3 food items, but only one discount, per person, per day. The summer months are crucial for food shelves because kids are out of school and don't have access to school lunch programs. Have you EVER (EVER!) heard of a better reason to stock food shelves? You give! You receive! You help others. You help yourself. In fact, this deal is so good, you'll probably want to tell EVERYBODY! So, please forward this message to anybody who's breathing!



Stop in to catch up on what's happening in your neighborhood!

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ALL SHOPS: Our Annual GM Portrait has just been produced and is now hanging in each shop. How long has your GM been a "Local Legend?"

BURNSVILLE (Cty Rd 42 & Cty Rd 11) has been selling Pizza by the Slice for a few weeks now and are reporting very good sales!

MINNETONKA (West of 494 on Highway 7) heard that Burnsville's Slice sales were going so well, that they're also going to begin selling Pizza by the Slice starting Monday, July 21!

ROGERS (Hwy 101 & 141st St) is still open through all the road construction. So if you can make your way through or would like us to deliver, we're just a call away! By the way, the crew is wearing some awesome new t-shirts. Stop in to check them out!

ROGERS (STILL at Hwy 101 & 141st St) will be handing out trinkets and treats at the St. Michael Daze & Knights Parade on Saturday, August 9. Check out the fire truck!

SAVAGE (Cty Rd 42 & Hwy 13) will be making its annual appearance in the Prior Lake Lakefront Days Parade, also on Saturday, August 9.

UPTOWN (Lake & Hennepin) has just installed an LCD screen which flashes messages to people OUTSIDE the shop. (THIS, you gotta see!)

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EDINA (Vernon Ave, West of Hwy 100) has added 3 new locally-brewed craft beers on board, Lake Superior Sir Duluth Oatmeal Stout (Duluth), Lucid Air (Minnetonka), and Badger Hill White IPA (Minnetonka). You gotta try them!

MOST SHOPS are still hiring and we always accept applications. If you know someone looking for a fantastic place to work, tell them to stop in, fill out an app, and speak to one of our "Local Legends!"



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