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We've been conducting focus groups for the past few weeks. Last week, Jen, a participant, reminded us that it's "FUNd-Raiser Season" again. Actually, EVERY season is "FUND-Raiser Season." But when you're looking for money, look for DAVANNI'S! Since 2006, DAVANNI'S FUNd-Raisers have given back almost $300,000 to their sponsors. Not only is a DAVANNI'S FUNd-Raiser so profitable, it's also so easy and so much fun. You contact the shop, you set the date, you tell the world, you greet your guests, you count your moola. Click this link for more info. And remember, most things are better the second (or third) time around. So, if you've already had a DAVANNI'S FUNd-Raiser, have another!


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In every focus group, we always ask customers to grade us via the "DAVANNI'S Report Card." Believe it or not, one "subject" we're "Honor Roll Status" is "Price/Value for the Money." (That's consistent for all groups; you could say we're "on a roll.")

Participant Sue explained that when dining in, "At many restaurants, you have to pay at least 15% more. They call it a 'tip.' It's supposed to be for taking your order and bringing your food to the table. But at DAVANNI'S, you order your food and you pick it up. Plus, the service from the always-friendly DAVANNI'S employees is free." So, Sue's tip is that your tip-ical trip to DAVANNI'S means "no tip." I guess that could be called, "The Tipping Point."


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Focus group participants have been telling us how much they've enjoyed the Trivia Contest in the Insider Blast. Which, of course, guilts us into realizing that we haven't had a Trivia Contest for several months. So, to appease my throbbing conscience, we're bringing back the Trivia Contest.

TRIVIA QUESTION: One food item customers always talk about is our Fabulous Brownies. Name just one of seven shops which have sold the MOST Fabulous Brownies so far in 2014. Click this link to submit your answer. Of course, if you guess correctly, we'll send you a postcard for a FREE Dessert (doesn't even have to be a Fabulous Brownie)! OK, not the most biggest prize, but your odds ARE one in three of winning. Hurry, entries need to be submitted by Sunday, September 14, 11:59 PM!



In every group so far, participants have complained (yes, "complained") that our coupons are "too high!" Heidi told us that she and her husband, "Can't possibly spend $20 to get $3 off." (Well, they could, but...) "Singles" have also told us that the minimum purchase for a discount is too high if you're a party of one. (Since when is one a "party"?)

Anyhow, in order to accommodate everyone, we're bringing back the "Save 10% on your Purchase" offer. But you have to spend at least $10. So, hopefully, we'll please the "singles" who just want to get a Whole Hoagy, Chips and Pop, and Dessert (of course) as well as the group having a Groom's Dinner in one of our Party Rooms. Which proves that, "Beggers can be choosers." Just print out or show this coupon via a mobile device. NOTE: Offer expires September 30, 2014!



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